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Club Renewal Registration Quick Facts

Winter is coming! Which means it is time for clubs to renew their registrations for the upcoming snow season. Here is a quick guide to club registrations.

  • The purpose of clubs is to deliver CFSA sanctioned programs and events in accordance with the club operating agreement and Can Freestyle system.
  • All club registrations expire October 31st each year.
  • To renew your club’s registration follow these two easy steps:
  1. Send a completed Sanction Request form to [email protected]. The forms can be found on the CFSA website. (http://freestyleski.com/club/club-forms/)
  2. Once your club sanction is approved, your club’s user administrator can pay club fees online through SportingDNA. (https://freestyleskiing.sportingdna.ca/en/users/login)
  • Clubs can order Can Freestyle materials through the Programs section of the CFSA website. The materials are meant to help clubs to continue to run their amazing programs and grow the sport of Freestyle Skiing!

More detailed information can be found on the CFSA website in the “Frequently Asked Questions” (FAQs) manual (http://freestyleski.com/club/club-forms/)