March 23, 2020

With the season unexpectedly ending sooner than we anticipated, we are happy to report our teams are all home safely and have many success stories to share. As a collective group, we can certainly reflect on our year with satisfaction and pride. Both our High-Performance Teams (MO and SS/HP) had outstanding seasons both on and off the competition circuit, and now we can all take a moment to celebrate their hard work and dedication to the sport.

See below for the season overviews delivered by both our Head Coaches.

Park & Pipe Team

It was a great year for the BC Park and Pipe team full of training and competitions all over North America. Our season kicked off in April with selections taking place in Whistler. It was evident at the time that there was a surplus of park and pipe talent in the province so our team roster grew from 8 to 12 athletes for the 2019-2020 season.


2019/2020 Team Selections in Whistler

The team had a very successful competition season. With 34 days of on-snow training at Mount Sima, Whistler Blackcomb, and Grouse Mountain. During this time the team continued with their strength & conditioning routines under the supervision of the staff at CSI.

Ben Lynch – Mount Sima training camp.

Canada Cup Tour:

Mt. Sima

The team had its first competition of the year in late November at Mount Sima, Yukon. This was an extremely successful event with Ben Lynch (18th), Leif Wilson (6th), Cole Isfan (14th), Mitch Steven (13th) and Kai Martin (17th) all qualifying for finals in the Big Air event. This was followed by an equally exciting Slopestyle event where Kai Martin (5th), Mitch Steven (10th) and Cole Isfan (3rd) qualified for finals. In finals, Cole Isfan took 3rd in Men’s Slopestyle.


Cole Isfan (3rd) – Whitehorse Canada Cup

Mount St. Louis Moonstone

The team had its second Canada Cup Slopestyle event at Mount St. Louis Moonstone, Ontario. Alec Henderson (17th) and Kai Martin (5th) both qualified for the final. Kai Martin put down a great run in finals and finished 5th, what was even more impressive about his result was that he had just returned to skiing from a broken collar bone.

Nor-Am Tour:


This season was extremely busy as the Park & Pipe Team had all athletes attend the NorAm events. Steven Kahnert represented the team at the Copper Halfpipe NorAm in December where he qualified for finals and finished 9th.

Steven Kahnert in the start gate – Copper Halfpipe NorAm.


Copper was followed by the Mammoth NorAm event in February, where Skye Clarke qualified for finals in Women’s Big Air (6th) and Dillan Glennie qualified for finals in Women’s Slopestyle (5th).


The team then attended the Aspen Open, where the athletes got the opportunity to compete on the same course as the X-Games. Skye Clarke led the way, having a phenomenal competition winning both Slopestyle and Big Air!

Skye Clarke wins both Slopestyle and Big Air – Aspen Open.
Aspen Open squad.


The entire team then competed in the Calgary NorAm. Steven Kahnert and Dillan Glennie had the top Halfpipe results both qualifying for finals and finishing 11th and 6th respectively. In Big Air, Leif Wilson (18th) and Evan Bush (15th) led the way for men, and both Skye Clarke (7th) and Dillan Glennie qualified for finals where Dillan finished in 3rd.  Both Clarke (6th) and Glennie also qualified for Slopestyle finals where Dillan grabbed her second bronze medal of the competition.


Dillan Glennie claims Bronze in both Slopestyle and Halfpipe – Calgary NorAm.

Park City

The final NorAm event happened in March at Woodward, Park City. Both Leif Wilson (13th) and Skye Clarke (6th) qualified for finals in the Big Air event. Dillan Glennie qualified for finals for both Slopestyle events where she finished 5th.

The crew – Park City NorAm.

World Stage:

The Park & Pipe team had some representation at the international level this season. Both Skye Clarke and Steven Kahnert were selected to represent Canada at the Youth Olympic Games in Lausanne, Switzerland. Kahnert had a huge Halfpipe competition where he qualified for finals and placed 8th overall. Dillan Glennie also had the opportunity to represent Canada at the Calgary World Cup. Glennie held her own against a very strong international field and finished 16th overall.

-Mike Apps
Freestyle BC, Head Coach – SS/HP

Mogul Team

Although we have unfortunately had our ski season cut short, we have some amazing accomplishments to be proud of this season. We were lucky to be able to complete our 2020 NorAm Tour which was incredibly successful this year, particularly for our girls. Many of them qualified for their first-ever finals, with Kassidy Todd skiing in nearly everyone, Chase Capacik earning a top 10 and Jessie Linton reaching an amazing goal of skiing in a super-final. The boys had more speed bumps due to injuries but were able to put up some great performances. Jackson Parsons finding his stride with consistency, Josh Maga competing a cork 1080 at nearly every event while gaining his first year of NorAm experience, Koleton Phipps battling back from a major shoulder injury last year and posting some very respectable results and Sam Cordell fighting through a nagging ankle injury to finish his season on a high note.

We’re disappointed that our momentum was halted and was unable to finish our competition season.  We are excited to resume team activities whenever that may be!

In the meantime, we will do what we do best to adapt to the current situations the best we can in a way that respects the needs of every Canadian and our personal goals as athletes.


BC and Alberta Mogul Teams.
Coach Josh Kober and Maya Mikkelsen – top of the Calgary NorAm course. (Photo by Chad Hurry)


Kassidy Todd – Calgary NorAm. (Photo by Chad Hurry)


Sam Cordell – Apex Selections. (Photo by Chad Hurry)


Koleton Phipps – Apex Selections. (Photo by Chad Hurry)


Josh Maga – Apex Selections. (Photo by Chad Hurry)


Maya Mikkelson – Calgary NorAm (Photo by Chad Hurry)


NorAm Tour squad.
– Josh Kober
Freestyle BC, Head Coach – MO

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