April 9, 2020

“At age 26, when Mike Shaw, freestyle skiing coach from British Columbia, stepped into the sunshine on a crisp Colorado morning, it never entered his mind by three-thirty that afternoon his life—as he knew it—would be over… Working with his team at the 2013 World Cup Competition at Copper Mountain, a catastrophic injury derailed his life’s trajectory forever. “You’ll never walk again,” one doctor told him, knowing the prognosis wasn’t good. Yet, with a mindset of courage, resilience, and gratitude, Mike proved his doctor wrong and, within three months, he took his first steps. Within the year? Skiing.

Now an international speaker, mentor, and coach armed with an ‘attitude of gratitude,’ Never Part of the Plan chronicles the author’s journey as he conquers a debilitating spinal cord injury, making the most out of life’s unexpected curveball. Dedicating his book to all readers, his experience is proof all of us can overcome and thrive when faced with adversity. All it takes is courage, resilience, and . . . gratitude. “

Read more about Mike’s inspiring journey by getting your hands on a copy of his newly released book!

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