June 5, 2020

Spirit Awards

The Spirit Award goes to the most sportsmanlike and selfless, male and female athlete in BC.

Our goal is to celebrate those who live, train and play with integrity both on and off the field of play, as well as teach them the skills needed to be an exciting and engaged ambassador for the sport. Partnerships with brands are becoming harder to earn and even harder to keep; our goal is to educate and reward both our top-performing athletes on and off the field of play to be true champions of our sport. By definition: Sportsmanship is an aspiration or ethos that a sport or activity will be enjoyed for its own sake, with proper consideration for fairness, ethics, respect, and a sense of fellowship with one’s competitors.

We at Freestyle BC value these attributes as much as we do our champions. Our “champions” will be provided with a “brand” package and given the support needed to be an excellent brand ambassador for the companies that he/she will represent for the season.

This year’s Spirit Award winners are:


Trent Walkley (Panorama)

Trent is an all-around super nice kid who is totally comfortable being himself. He’s appreciative and friendly. His sweet grandmother drives him every Saturday and Sunday from Kimberley to Panorama so he can train the bumps. Trent is an exceptional mogul skier, posting consistent results at EVERY event he attends and finished 8th in the overall Timber Tour standings.

Catrina Kreciji (Mt. Washington)

Cat has been a part of the freestyle for many years as a club athlete and is well known and well-liked – an all-around good kid on the freestyle scene! She’s the one in the start gate with every girl, any age category, any team, blasting her speaker to bring the HYPE! She’s also one tough cookie! We’ve seen her take gnarly bails and come back at it for more. Even though she considers herself a slope athlete, she has always participated in moguls with a smile on her face and with her best effort. She is a beautiful artist and lent this talent to Brayden’s memory by creating stickers to hand out to her peers at Sun Peaks. Cat will be transitioning out of competitive skiing and will be going to school next year for artistic design. However, she is committed to coaching on weekends with Mount Washington Freestyle Club, and we know she is going to be the BEST Girlstylerz coach!


Peter and Vickie Dueck Memorial Scholarship

In the spirit of giving opportunity, it is with heartfelt joy that we at Freestyle BC announce the first annual Peter and Vickie Dueck Memorial Scholarship Award winners.

The top three overall athletes, in the male and female categories, competed for a chance to win one of six RESP scholarship packages to further their post-secondary education. These awards are given to the athletes who demonstrated the greatest dedication and ability to perform in all freestyle disciplines | Moguls, Dual Moguls, Big Air, Slopestyle and Halfpipe.

Peter and Vickie truly believed in the power of sport, and the value of a good education. This scholarship is aimed to support these values and elevate our athletes to be their best, both on and off our wonder-filled, mountainous, field of play.

BiG love,

Jolene (Lyne) and Joshua Dueck

Female Overall Champions:

  1. Zoe Greze-Kozuki
  2. Ella Garrod
  3. Ainsley MacDonald

Male Overall Champions:

  1. Cole Carey
  2. Matheus Heslop
  3. Landon Owen-Mold

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