July 3, 2020

In place of our cancelled spring GirlStylerz camp, we wanted to show the world how the Girlstyler vibes are still going strong! Take a look at how freestyle girls are staying active and connected from coast to coast through our Freestyle BC #GoggleChallenge!

Shoutout to the Girlstylerz #GoggleChallenge winners:

  • Talance from Maidstone, Saskatchewan
  • Paulina fron Calgary, Alberta
  • Caelan from Wentworth, Nova Scotia
  • Kristin Hoivik from Vernon, BC
  • Quinn fron Calabogie, Ontario

Honourable mentions:

  • Punita from Calgary, Alberta
  • Hunter from Montreal, Quebec
  • Suki from Vancouver, BC
  • Emma from Calgary, Alberta

Thank you to our amazing Girlstylerz community for your submissions and helping us keep the stoke alive!

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