NextGen ascencion

November 22, 2021

We are very excited to announce that Steven Kahnert has earned a spot on the Canadian NextGen halfpipe team! Before making the BC Park and Pipe team, Steven grew up skiing with both the Vancouver Freestyle and Whistler Freestyle clubs.  Steven was an incredibly vital member of our team over the past three years and made gains both on and off the mountain that elevated the entire BC Team, athletes and coaches.

Kahnert’s BC team highlights include winning halfpipe overall Canada Cup in 2020, finishing 9th at the Copper Nor AM in 2019, and an 8th place finishes at Youth Olympic Games in Lausanne, Switzerland in 2020.

The halfpipe specialist has gone to great lengths to master his craft over the past years. We look forward to seeing Steven continue competing at the next level and will miss the vast amounts of effort and energy he brought to the team while training.

In a sport that relentlessly strives for a culture of excellence, we thank you for your contributions!