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BC Winter Games: 2018 Selection Criteria

Updated December 11th, 2017

BC Winter Games is an opportunity for BC Freestyle Skiers to participate in a multi‐sport games. At the BC Winter Games each athlete represents a zone. Each athlete earns points for their Zone Team. Please review the Freestyle Skiing technical package for additional details.

Age Categories

  • Youth Category: Athletes must be 11‐13 years of age as of  January 1, 2018.
  • Juvenile Category: Athletes must be 14‐16 years of age as of January 1, 2018.

Eligibility for Selection to 2018 BC Winter Games

In addition to BC Games General Rules, the following sport‐specific eligibility requirements are in effect for the BC Winter Games:

  • Athletes may attend two BC Winter Games, provided that their first Games they competed in the Learn to Train (U13) category and at their second Games they will compete in Train to Train (U17) category.
  • PSO team members and athletes who have reached a Canadian Series or COT final are not eligible to participate in the 2018 BC Winter Games.

Other details – All BC Winter Games athlete must:

  1. Be a member in good standing with Freestyle BC.
  2. Agree to compete in all the freestyle disciplines at the BC Winter Games.
  3. Meet minimum skill level approved by the provincial advisor.
  4. Complete the web form for pre-registration by January 10, 2018.
  5. Qualify for a zone team, register and make payment by 4pm, January 17, 2018
  6. Be registered in BC Games database by their zone representative by 4pm January 19, 2018.

BC Winter Games Ranking List

Selection for BC Winter Games zone teams and wildcard spots will be based off the BC Winter Games Ranking list for Women and Men.

Ranking Process

This BC Winter Games ranking list is made up using the following criteria:

  • Three of each athletes highest scores in Freestyle BC Timber Tour or Super Youth events since January 1, 2017
  • Each score is divided by the highest age eligible score of that competition then multiplied by 1000
  • BC Timber Tour events are weighted 65% and Super Youth events weighted 50%
  • Scores from the disciplines of Moguls, Big Air, Slopestyle and Half Pipe will be used
  • All qualifying events must be approved by Freestyle BC Ski Provincial Advisor
  • Zones that don’t have athletes qualified may nominate potential competitors to the Freestyle BC Provincial Advisor.

Determination of Zone Quota

There are eight BC Winter Games Zones. Each receives 3 women’s and 3 men’s spots. There are 18 wildcard spots that will go into a pool. Zones that cannot fill their spots will have to forfeit their spots.

Recruitment Process

Age eligible athletes from zones that do not have rankings will be recruited through the Freestyle BC database and nominations. Athletes that are recruited without rankings will have to meet minimum skill approval from the provincial advisor.

Final Qualifications

All potential athletes will need to complete a web form to express their interest in competing at the games by January 10, 2018. All registered athletes in all zones must:

  1. Compete in Timber Tour #1 in the 2018 season
  2. or be approved by the provincial advisor before January 10, 2018

Results from the 2018 Timber Tour #1 event will be added to the BC Winter Games Ranking list. The list will then be used to select the top athletes in each zone. Athletes that have scores on the ranking list will qualify ahead of athletes that are not on the list. Wildcard spots will be allocated after zone spots are all decided. The Wildcard spots go to the top 18 athletes (that have not already been selected) from the BC Winter Games Ranking List. Athletes with wildcard spots will ski for the zone they are registered with. Freestyle BC aims to have a minimum of 6 wildcard spots allocated to women.

Injury Clause: Should an athlete not be able to compete because of injury in a 2017 event they will be able to pull scores from an equivalent event in the previous season. An athlete must provide a doctor note to the provincial adviser in the case of injury. Injury clause appeals must be approved by the provincial advisor.

BC Games Provincial Advisor
Andrew Clough – [email protected]