Prospect Program

June 30, 2021

The Prospect Program provides extra training opportunities and support for high-performing club athletes across BC, to help them achieve their optimal potential both as an athlete and human being. This program is not full-time, and you are required to continue training with your current club.  The Mogul Prospect Team is camp-based working with coaches Kristi Richards, Danika Mazur, and Nathan Bundschuh. Mogul camps are at Covert Farms Water Ramps, Whistler Water Ramps & CSI Gym, Apex pre-season mogul camp, and a Whistler for a spring camp. The Park Prospect Team is also camp-based, working with coaches Graham Pollock, Shondra Charbonneau and Hayden Person. Park camps will be based at Whistler water-ramps & CSI Gym, Maximize progression bag, Yukon pre-season, and a spring camp in Whistler.

See Invitation for further details and dates of scheduled camps. There are no initial fees with this program, and costs will be camp-based, covering coaching, expenses, and lane fees.

Mogul Prospect Invitation Park Prospect Invitation