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CWSAA Competitors Pass

The purpose of the Canada West Ski Areas Association Competitors Pass Program is to support FIS athletes ages 15 to 19 by providing subsidized access to multiple ski resorts under one common pass. To ensure this criteria is met Freestyle BC will recognize the following FIS, CFSA and/or AFP recognized events when creating the CWSAA pass ranking list:

  • BC Timber Tour
  • Canadians Series
  • Canadian Open Tour
  • AFP Platinum, Gold or Silver
  • Canada Winter Games
  • Canadian Selections
  • NorAm
  • Junior National Championships
  • Canadian National Championships
  • Junior World Championships
  • World Cup
  • World Championships

To comply with the CWSAA Pass agreement athletes must:

  1. Be a member in good standing with Freestyle BC;
  2. Be a member of a Freestyle BC club program or;
  3. Be a member of the BC Freestyle Ski Team;
  4. Commit to participating in a minimum of 4 of events from the above mentioned list.
  5. Athletes must attend 1 Canadian Series or Canadian Open tour event;
  6. Athletes must attend 1 BC Timber Tour event;

The CWSAA pass ranking list will sum an athlete’s four best results from the prior season. Mogul athletes will have their results summed using the Relative Point Average (RPA) method. Park and Pipe athletes will have their results summed using the place value point method.

Freestyle BC will ask athletes to commit to a pass based on the previous season’s quota. Passes will not be confirmed until the final quota is issued from CWSAA to Freestyle BC.

CWSAA Competitors Pass is not transferable. Selling a day pass acquired with the CWSAA Competitors Pass will not only result in the CWSAA Competitors Pass being nullified but is considered illegal by the ski areas and theft charges can be laid.