Celebrating Excellence: Community Awards

March 2, 2024

🏆 Recognizing Outstanding Contributions 🏆

As the snow settles and we crest our season, it’s time to honour the unsung heroes of our Freestyle BC ski community. These individuals don’t just shred the slopes—they carve a path of selflessness, dedication, and passion. It’s time to vote for the Freestyle BC Ski Community Awards! Voting closes on March 26th, so don’t delay!

1. Volunteer of the Year 🙌

Our slopes wouldn’t be the same without the tireless efforts of our volunteers. These champions embody the community spirit, going above and beyond to enhance the freestyle skiing experience. Whether setting up courses, cheering on athletes, or organizing events, their commitment is unwavering. Vote for the Volunteer of the Year and celebrate their impact!

2. Official of the Year 📜

Precision, integrity, and fairness—these are the hallmarks of our exceptional officials. They ensure that every run, every trick, adheres to the rules. Their dedication keeps the playing field level, and their passion fuels the fire of competition. Cast your vote for the Official of the Year and honour their vital role in our sport.

3. Coach of the Year 🎿

Behind every successful athlete is an extraordinary coach. These mentors shape not only technique but also character. They inspire, guide, and elevate our skiers to new heights. From early mornings on the slopes to late-night strategy sessions, they invest heart and soul. Vote for the Coach of the Year and recognize their impact on our athletes’ journey. The coach of the year will also win a $1000 bursary courtesy of Impulse Downhole Tools.

4. Club of the Year 🏔️

Our freestyle skiing clubs are the beating heart of our community. They foster camaraderie, ignite passion, and create a home for athletes of all ages. From grassroots programs to podium finishes, these clubs shape the future of our sport. Support your favourite club by voting for Club of the Year and celebrating their tireless efforts.

5. Athlete of the Year (Male and Female) 🌟

They defy gravity, push boundaries, and leave us breathless. Our male and female athletes dominate the slopes, their achievements etching their names in freestyle skiing history. Their sportsmanship, resilience, and dedication inspire us all. Vote for the Male and Female Athletes of the Year and honour their remarkable contributions. Both winners will receive a pair of RMU skis from our favourite community-inspired ski company. * please note that the athlete of the year will be determined based on the overall Timber Tour ranking: results from Mogul, Dual Mogul, Big Air and Slopestyle will all be used.

6. Spirit Award (Male and Female) 🌬️

Sportsmanship isn’t just about winning—it’s about respect, camaraderie, and the joy of the game. Our Spirit Award recipients embody these values. They uplift their fellow athletes, cheer on rivals, and remind us why we love this sport. Cast your vote for the Male and Female Spirit Award and celebrate fair play and goodwill. Both winners will receive a pair of RMU skis from our favourite community-inspired ski company.

🗳️ How to Vote

Every voice matters, so rally your ski buddies, spread the word, and let’s honor those who make our community soar.

Athlete of the Year Club of the Year Coach of the Year Official of the Year Spirit Award Volunteer of the Year

Together, let’s celebrate excellence and keep the freestyle spirit alive! 🎿🏂🏅