Girlstylerz caters to athletes who identify as female and can operate either as a part of Fundamentalz and Freestylerz or parallel to these, as a separate program. This should be based on the individual club’s capacity, philosophy and goals. It focuses on all freestyle disciplines - technical skiing, moguls, slopestyle, half pipe and big air – and participants should be provided with an introduction to competition at regional and provincial level events. The program should also focus on offering a safe and accessible introduction for girls to off-season training opportunities including water ramp, air bag, trampoline and dryland training. Upon entering the program, participants should already be strong intermediate skiers who can ski parallel on a blue run, load/unload the ski lift independently and manage their own equipment.

The essence of the Girlstylerz program and what makes it an exceptional experience for young female athletes, is the opportunity to participate in the various Girlstylerz workshops. These workshops have been developed by educators and are catered and adapted to each group by the coach. They include valuable themes that support holistic athlete development including goal-setting, fear management, visualization and team dynamic strategies.


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