Join the Freestyle BC Community

To ensure the safety and well-being of the Freestyle BC community, you must have an active licence for the season from Freestyle BC. Licences are valid from July 1 to June 30 of each year.

Individual Membership  Club Sanction


The fees below include mandatory Freestyle Canada membership fees. Club or provincial athletes who upgrade to the next membership level partway through the year only pay the difference in the rates.


Club Athlete: For skiers of all ages who train with a sanctioned freestyle ski club or participate in regional Club Competitions. Includes general liability coverage.

Provincial Athlete: For athletes who plan to compete in provincial or national competitions. It also includes general liability coverage.

FIS Athlete: For athletes who plan to compete in FIS-sanctioned events. It includes an FIS license and mandatory Out-of-country Accident Insurance. You must register online as a FIS athlete to activate your FIS license. Sign a FIS declaration form and email it to [email protected]. Please allow 5-10 business days for your FIS license to be activated. Athletes can search for their FIS # on the FIS website.

SAIP Accident Insurance


A Freestyle BC membership is required to coach at any level in British Columbia. Coaches must also have, at minimum, their Fundamentalz, SafeSport, Making Ethical Decision, and Making Headway certifications and an NCCP number. Minimum age: 16. Coaches can find their NCCP number on the Coaching Association of Canada’s website.

Coach Requirements


Necessary for volunteers who work with clubs or PSOs on a regular basis. Absolutely necessary for all club and PSO administrative staff, and club and PSO board of directors members. Includes general liability coverage.


Necessary for all FIS level A, B, C or Regional judges and judges in training (levels D, E). Includes access to the Association of Freestyle Professionals’ (AFP) online resources and training. Also Includes general liability coverage.


All judges/major officials working with a Provincial-level or National-level competition (e.g., Provincial Tour, BC Champs, Jr. Nationals, Canadian Cup) must have a Judge/Official license. This is necessary if you plan to be a Chief of Course or Competition, a Technical Director (TD) or plan to do scoring. Includes general liability coverage.


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For any issues with registration, please call the SNOWREG HELPLINE at +1 888-335-9822 or email [email protected]

You may also contact Freestyle BC for assistance renewing or purchasing your membership: [email protected]