Girlstylerz Camps

September 9, 2021

This summer, the Girlstylerz camp ran in the Coastal region at Whistler and the Okanagan region at Covert Farms in Oliver. This year, we had an outstanding coaching roster, including Danika Mazur, Kristi Richards, Tanya Callon, Shonny Charbonneau, Raine Haziza, Ainsley Macdonald, Josephine Howell. Claire Dooley and a guest coach appearance from Canadian Mogul Team athlete Maia Schwinghammer! As always, the Girlstylerz were all smiles, from first-timers on the ramp to first flips! In addition, the athletes participated in Girlstylerz discussion circles on important topics, including fear management, growth mindset, and nutrition. Afternoon activities included yoga, volleyball, soccer, and skateboarding! The Girlstylerz community continues to connect and grow in BC, and we look forward to more Girlstylerz events this winter!