That’s All Folks!

April 30, 2023

And.. We’re Done!

As we close the books on another winter, we get to look back and appreciate all the excitement, memories, trials and tribulations that took place and which will go on to shape the years to come.

For myself, my first winter supporting the ski industry from a different angle brought new challenges, growth, amazing connections and many good times. 

Across the province, we saw off-season training programs pushing athlete skill development, followed by a wildly exciting, successful winter season. We had ski movie events bringing communities together, judging courses, officials training sessions, coach development and competitions.

So much excitement in just a few months!



The ripples of the pandemic still created a little uncertainty, although the winds are shifting and from our provincial lens, we’re seeing positive growth in many areas. The energy is exciting as we look to the future.

The events calendar this winter was a busy one! A sold-out Timber Tour, Canada Cup events, BC Winter Games and the Canada Winter Games, all close to one another, kept many families, athletes and coaches on the road for a good portion of the season. We had athletes claim podium spots on multiple national and international stages to once again confirm that BC athletes are a force to be reckoned with. 

To throw in some extra action, our Girlstylerz Manager, Danika Mazur, organised a Girlstylerz social night during the 1st Timber Tour and an awesome Yoga & Wellness session at BC Champs at Silver Star  (Shout out to lululemon, Lacey Dueck and Nature’s Fare for the support!).



However, the credit certainly doesn’t go to me or the PSO. Freestyle BC has been and continues to be supported by the most amazing community. A community which stretches far and wide, which makes everything possible, more fulfilling and way more fun! This community is all of you! The club directors and presidents, the coaches, the resorts, the judges, officials, all the volunteers, the parents and everyone in between. 

And, of course, where would we be without the dedication, drive, determination and energy of our athletes!

Thank you, everyone, for an incredible season!



Congratulations to the following athletes for their exemplary performances and positive attitudes!

Overall Timber Tour Winners –  Emilie McCaughey and Jude Oliver

Spirit Award Winners – Neko Wong and Bennett Hampshire-McLurg

(PS. Winners, please contact us to claim your skis courtesy of RMU!)



What we do and are striving for isn’t possible without the support of our amazing sponsors. From some of the freshest skis on the market, tech gloves, outerwear, workout gear and financial and legal services you can trust, these brands have got you covered, plus I’m pretty sure they’re skiers! 

It’s a win-win, and we cannot thank them enough! – Click the logos to learn more about the companies and brands that help us do what we do!


Last but by no means least, I’d like to acknowledge the resorts that graciously hosted our events. It’s no small feat executing sporting events, especially ski events. The following host resorts worked with us every step of the way to ensure courses and facilities were safe, and the events could run as smoothly as possible. In case you didn’t realise, these resorts are amazing places to visit year-round and worth considering for the next family bike or ski vacation!

Big Thanks to:




And just like that, it’s on to the next. On behalf of everyone at Freestyle BC, we hope you all have enjoyed this past winter and are looking forward to an adventure-packed summer. We have lots coming up for summer and fall training opportunities, so stay tuned, stay healthy, and we look forward to seeing you all ready to send it into next winter!