Style Matters

February 5, 2023


We will try our best to define style and why it matters to FH&P Law (presenting sponsor) and Freestyle BC.

Starting with PAVED, style is essentially striking a perfect balance of the five criteria; if anyone is emphasized too much, it almost inevitably throws the rest off. We all like watching someone send it farther than anyone else, do the most challenging trick, execute a trick to perfection, push the sport with an entirely new trick or a new variation on an old trick, or showcase various classes of tricks. Everyone, especially the general public, loves watching a freestyle skier make a trick, mogul run, or an entire pipe/slope run look effortless. The most stylish skier makes it look like they are flowing down the mountain, casually dancing with gravity at death-defying speeds while being entirely in control.

From another perspective, the most stylish skiers are usually the safest skiers; their mastery of technical fundamentals allows them to go bigger, execute a variety of more complex tricks, and progress the sport because they are injured less and can ski more.

More bluntly, stylish skiers are usually not the ones you are constantly worried about hurting themselves by pushing themselves beyond their skill level too fast. Of course, everyone wants to be a stylish skier, but not everyone is willing to put the work in to do so.

To some of the recent questions and comments received in the wake of Sun Peaks Timber Tour, this award may be awarded to any athlete in any discipline; it is not exclusive to Slopestyle and Big Air. 

For reference, a coach commented that Mogul skiing no longer has style and should not be included; FH&P Law and Freestyle BC do not share this opinion. On the contrary, we believe that a strong mogul skier that can carve, absorb and cleanly make their way down a bump course and throw down a back full with a grab is rather stylish indeed. 

We thank everyone for the questions and comments as we continue to evolve our sport, events and the programs we offer our community of athletes, coaches, and officials.