Super Youth Skills Challenge

February 10, 2023

After piloting our first iteration of the Super Youth Festival in Sun Peaks, we have had a chance to reflect on the experience, observations and feedback from our coaches, athletes and families. We will do our best to shed some additional light on what the Super Youth Skills Challenge is all about to ensure the best possible outcomes:


To have our Super Youth athletes team up with another club to explore/learn and develop their skills in a fun, safe manner. This model will offer new variety and opportunities for the athletes to express their skills while minimizing any downtime experienced in the traditional format.

The Skills Adventure Challenge will explore the resort using videos from coaches judging by going to different spots over the mountain to explore, develop and refine their targeted skills.  

We aim to build on the Olympic-style competition we currently offer and present a standardized benchmark model and skilled-based evaluation, where the kids compete with themselves and a general standard based on our long-term athlete development pathway.


2-3 clubs will team up with no more than 12 athletes per team. With 100-ish athletes, that gives us ten teams. Each team will have a min of 2 coaches. Each club coach will be in the groups so athletes feel comfortable and safe.  

WINNERS: The team that gets the most points in the allowed Time Limit. Prizes will be awarded to the top 3 groups. Late entries past the deadline count, but you lost 10 points per 10 mins; your videos/pics are late until up to 10 mins before awards.

Fernie Super Youth Adventure Challenge