Summer Update of the High-Performance Teams

August 12, 2022

BC Park Team

The BC Park and Pipe team trained on the glacier at Momentum ski camps from June 26th– July 11th. The team took advantage of the fantastic conditions on the glacier and began to develop their foundation for the competitive season, utilizing the hill progression airbag to refine their tricks and take it to snow on Momentum’s jump lane. The team had several guest technical coaches over the 12 days of training including: Shondra Charbonneau, Graham Pollock, Noah Morrison and TJ Schiller.

Not only did the camp provide great on-snow training, but the team enjoyed the benefits of training at their home mountain by utilizing the facilities at the Canadian Sport Institute for strength and conditioning and mental performance trainining in the evenings. The squad is looking in great shape and looking forward to training at the water ramps in Whistler and the airbag at Maximise over August.

BC Mogul Team

The BC Mogul Team has been hard at work this summer on the Whistler Glacier, water-ramps and strength & conditioning. The summer schedule started with a shift in coaching as Josh Kober moved onwards to the US National Mogul Development Team. During the transition of a new coach, Rob Kober filled in his shoes to keep the athletes inline with their yearly training plan. Freestyle BC then welcomed Simon Lemieux to the team for his first training camp at the Whistler water-ramps. The team is thrilled with their new coach Simon and showed him first hand why they are some of the top provincial athletes in the country. 

The mogul team has now made their way to Mt Hood in Oregon to train jumps and bumps on the largest peak of the Cascade Volcanic Arc. 

Alex Mysko above the water
Alex Mysko above the water

Prospect Mogul Camps

This was a great camp on the glacier with coaches Kristi Richards, Cole Patton, Thomas Burnyeat and Danika Mazur. The camp included 17 athletes from all across BC participating. The Mogul Prospect Camp had it all. With 10 lines of bumps to choose from and multiple jumps to train, the athletes were exposed to one of the best summer training venues in the world. Off the ski hill, the athletes were training their jumps at the water-ramps, taking part in Mental Performance training and Strength & Conditioning at the Canadian Sport Institute. 

Trent Walkley with the eyes on the prize

BC Park Prospects

Just wow! These young athletes have been pushing the progression hard at Momentum Ski Camps and the Whistler Water-Ramps all summer. Graham Pollock has been leading this group to reach their full potential. With the Blackcomb Glacier being back up and running, gave the athletes an amazing summer experience of training alongside Olympic Medalists and X-Games Winners. The athletes furthered their skills on the rails, large jumps, medium jumps and safely learning new tricks on the Progression Landing Bag. Next stop is perfecting maneuvers on the Whistler-Water Ramps and breaking a sweat through S&C during the hot-spells moving through BC.

Kirstin Hoivik over the rainbow rail